About the MBL

Founded in 2010, the Major Baseball League (MBL) is a baseball simulation experience dedicated to camaraderie and competition amongst its peers. Powered by the Out of the Park Baseball series, the MBL is a pillar of longevity and consistency within the OOTP community with no immediate end in sight. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy one of the most elite experiences within the OOTP community today. Join now!

Full League Name: Major Baseball League (MBL)
OOTP Version: 16 (patched as needed)
Game Needed: Required
Sim Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Days Per Sim: 5 days
Players: Real/Modern
Structure/Setup: 30 teams, 3 divisions in each league, 5 teams per division
Schedule: 162 games, Unbalanced, 3 game typical series, Interleague play all season
Playoff Format: Wildcard, 5 game LDS, 7 game LCS, 7 game WS
Stars: Off
Ratings Scale (Talent): 20-80 (20-80)
Coaches & Scouts: Coaches Off; Scouts On
Designated Hitter: Both leagues
Draft Pick Trading: No
Draft Rounds: 30
Salary Cap: No
Revenue Sharing: Yes