2028 Season Preview

The 2 greatest words in the MBL have arrived: Opening Day! What will 2028 bring? We asked 10 random GM’s to help us predict the division winners. Some divisions seem wide open, while the consensus expects the White Sox and Nationals to meet in the world series.


Rival GM’s expect the White Sox to repeat

AL East:

Favorite: Yankees (5 votes)

Others receiving votes: Boston (3) Tampa Bay (1) Toronto (1)

Analysis: This division is wide open. The Yanks are the favorites, but these are all teams that are solid, but with flaws. The Yanks are strong, but have questions in the back of the rotation and the lineup. Boston has a solid young core, but brings back the bulk of a team that under achieved last year. Tampa Bay too faces questions in the rotation but has a very strong bullpen. Toronto should knock the ball all over the place, but are they too young and can they play enough defense? This should be a fun division, as usual.

AL Central:

Favorite: White Sox (9 votes)

Others receiving votes: Minnesota (1)

Analysis: The best division in the AL might return 3 teams to the playoffs. The White Sox are going to face losing some key pieces to their title run, but this is the most complete team in the league. Minnesota and the Indians will be on their heels, but expect the Sox put another one on the board.

AL West:

Favorite: Athletics (6 votes)

Others receiving votes: Los Angeles (2) Arizona (2)

Analysis: Will this be the year San Jose gets a challenge? The Angels have a really good young team, but are they a year away? You can really dream on that young rotation, but will inexperience be the Achilles heal? The A’s are deep, as always, but do have questions in the back of the rotation, but those can be answered when Knight recovers. They have a great defense and can really score some runs. Don’t sleep on the Diamondbacks this year. They have quietly gotten a lot better and could be in position to have a very good year.

NL East:

Favorite: Nationals (7)

Others receiving votes: Philadelphia (3)

Analysis: This is shaping up to be a 2 dog fight this year between Washington and Philly, possibly the 2 best teams in the NL. The Nationals have, probably far and away, the most complete rotation in all of the MBL, and their lineup is looking solid. Philly has a lineup that put a lot of runs up fast, and a really nice bullpen (currently missing their closer to injury however). Miami is interesting here, but you have to wonder if the will keep up. Washington and Philly are both historically aggressive when it comes to improving their teams, while Miami tends to be extremely (overly?) patient. The winner of this division is the favorite to represent the NL in the World Series.

NL Central

Favorite: Cardinals (9)

Others receiving votes: Chicago (1)

Analysis: You have to really like this Cardinals team. Good pitching, great defense, solid bullpen. The only real question is will they have the commitment to winning? Last year, while leading the division, they dealt the best pitcher in the NL away, a move that left many wondering how much they wanted to win. While it may have made sense in the long term, you have to be willing to think short term when chasing title. The Cubs could give them a scare, but odds are not good that the 120 year curse ends this year.

NL West

Favorite: Padres (5)

Others receiving votes: San Francisco (3) Houston (2)

Analysis: The Padres seem to have figured out how to build teams for Petco. Good arms, the right kind of hitters, a focus on defense. They have some tough losses to fill this year, but remain the favorites to win the division. The Giants have that unique rotation set up and a nice offense, but can too be overly patient. Houston has a nice collection of talent, and seems to have figured out their budget issues, but will they find a little patience long enough for this team to gel?



FAVORITES: White Sox (6)

Others Receiving Votes: Washington (2), St. Louis (1), Minnesota (1)

Analysis: The White Sox are the heavy favorites to repeat, but the Nats look like they can shut down anyone in a 7 game series. This would be a match up for ages. But all this really means nothing, games are not won and lost on paper in 2028, they are decided on the computer! This is why we sim the games folks, anything can happen!

Awards –

While I did not participate in the division voting, Here are my quick favorites for the major awards:


MVP – Hector Guzman (BOS), Jeff Chambers (CHW) Juan Velasco (MIN)

CY – Estacio Maier (CLE), Myron Bell (TAM) Alex Wood (SJA)

ROTY – Moromao Kumatani (NYY)


MVP – Dusty Morris (WAS), Corey Dickerson (SD), Curt Worley (COL)

CY – Walk Walker (WAS) … No one else need apply… apologies to Derek Holman and Santiago Vargas

ROTY – Jason Hursh (WAS)